Husband and wife team, Kathy and Derrick Stewart have been in the graphic design field for over 10 years. Working for a few different companies over the years they decided to start their own graphic design business. Kathy usually handles the business end of things and some of the design work. Derrick is the designer for most of the products that leave here. Give him a vague idea and he somehow is able to hit it out of the park.

The name of the business came about through a few different name ideas we had over the years. We originally wanted to be Mad Hatter Designs but figured people would be confused by the name and figure we only sold hats. We then had the idea of Mad Max Designs, but I'm sure most of you know of the movie by that name and we didn't want that to be our vibe either. We wanted to include our dog into the name somehow and because we call him Max A Moose, we decided to go with Mad Moose Designs. You'll usually find him in the shop, working super hard greeting customers and taking naps. Don't worry he gets paid with pets and treats.