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Established in 2015, Mad Moose Designs is comprised of Kathy, Derrick, Max and Salem Stewart. We are located in what use to be the Thompson Press in Cato, NY. It was ran by Kathy's grandparents Norris and Martiel Thompson. The building where they use to run their presses had long been vacant, and the presses sold off. Starting in September of 2015 the transformation of the building started to take place. Kathy's parents Donald and Marilyn Thompson helped them breathe life back into the building again. Floors were replaced, new drywall and plenty of paint, they were ready for business. 


Kathy and Derrick have been in the graphic field for close to 15 years. After working for a few other businesses they decided it was time to start one of their own. The business name came from their dog Maximus and his nickname of Max-A-Moose, referring to his rather large size. Salem, the Great Dane pup was added to the family at the end of 2017. 

Our focus is to create quality products at reasonable prices. There are a lot of graphic shops out there but we put our attention into detail. Our graphics are custom for each individual that walks into our shop no matter the size of the order. We don't skimp on the quality of our products either. Many shops will sell you discounted items with the help of less quality materials. When we send out an order we want to make sure it lasts, and is something we can be proud of. We don't moose around!


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