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What are Group Orders?
    - This page is for groups of all kinds (including businesses) that want to put together
      a sale. It allows your group members to shop online with items you have selected,
      prices you have approved and printed with a design just for your group.

   - Can be a direct sale or used as a fundraiser. 

Why use our online shop?
    - You don’t have to chase everyone down to collect order forms, money, and they can
      shop any time of day. No more forms that are only half ?lled out. No more misspellings due
      to hard to read handwriting.

    - We collect all the money right on the website and if you are using
      this as a fundraiser a check is written to your group at the end.

    - We offer shipping! We would take care of that for you too. The customer selects ship or
      local pick up at check out and we package everything up and send it out.

    - We include size charts so there is no confusion as to what size they should select.
      How easy is this to set up?

    - Contact us with what you have in mind. We can point you in the direction of what di?erent
      items you can offer or you might be interested in if you’re unsure. 

    - If you don’t already have a design, we can come up with one for you! Have one already?
      Great! Email it over to us!


How long does this take?
    - Generally most people like to receive their orders within 2 weeks of placing them. That
      being said, we usually keep the sale up on the website for approximately 1 week. Collect
      all of the orders and print them at once. Need more time? No problem, just let us know!

    - Setting up the online store can take a couple days depending on how involved and the
      amount of things you’re offering. Please take this and the amount of time to discuss designs,
      pricing and items offered into consideration. If you need the items within a week of talking to
      us, this is not your best option. 

    - Some items do take longer for us to get our hands on than others. Typically athletic apparel
      takes 4 days just to ship. Di?erent times of the year can also e?ect shipments and availability. 


What can I offer?
    - Just about anything we offer. All types of apparel, decals, even yard signs! It’s very
      popular right now for di?erent teams to o?er yard signs with player names and numbers.
      If you’re unsure if it is something we can offer, just ask!