11 oz. White ceramic coffee mug with Local Strong design on both sides. 


We will start passing out a percentage of the money to the different businesses. The percentage of the amount we will be able to give will grow with the amount of items sold. We have already met our first goal of 24 pieces! There is a section where you fill out which establishment you would like the money donated to. That way everyone is treated fairly and the money goes to the establishment of your choosing. The point of this is to spread the love locally, please try to select a business in our area so we can easily give the donation to them. Thanks!



Some local places for your consideration (I'm sorry if I have forgotten anyone, please let me know and I will add them!)


- Local Food Panty at Cato Church - Cato, NY

- Busted Yolk - Our local Diner Cato, NY

- Cato Hardware - Cato, NY

- VanNorstrand Oil Co. - Cato, NY

- Happy Days Drive-In - Meridian, NY

- Carolyn's Creations - Bakery - Cato, NY

- Main Street Wine & Liquor - Cato, NY

- Cato Pizzeria - Cato, NY

- Hometown Service Center - Cato, NY

- Cato Rotary - Cato, NY

- Cato Fire Dept. 

- CIMVAC - Cato Ambulance Service


You are not limited to these choices. These are only ideas of places you might not have thought of already.